The state of my life is this: Halfway through College, Not going to
Grad School, Fairly Satisfied with position in life, and still looking
for people that I can hang out with past 24 months from now.

honestly reflected today on how fast the time has flown by. I really
can’t believe how quickly I went from age 13 to age 20, and exactly
how much has happened to me during that time. Yes, I’m writing
sentimentally, but what the hey. I frequently discuss with others
exactly how theses are the best years of our lives, and how much were
going to miss them fifteen years from now. Were all going to take for
granted the fact that were young, relatively healthy, happy (most of
the time, except for Evan, who seems to be perpetually depressed – no
offense) and basically carefree when it comes to money, food, and the
other basics of life. I am absolutely certain that after age 25 none
of us will ever live like this again.


I’m sick of the Amber Alert System. You know? The one where we
notify every person in the continental united states that a female
below the age of 14 is missing? Technically, it applies to males too,
but no one seems to give a crap unless the person missing is a little
girl. I think its incredibly biased that we value the lives of young
females/males above everyone else in this society. I’m sure that for
every 12 year old that goes missing there are 43 males and females
above the age of 22 who get abducted, shot, stabbed, raped, whatever,
in the same time span. Basically, I’m bitching about this right now
because its on the TV behind me. Why am I watching CNN? Because ESPN
cancelled PTI to cover the Kentucky Derby. Please, Horse Racing is not
a sport. Well, its a sport, but only for Horses. I don’t think ESPN
has a lot of horse viewership.

I finished work on my last project of the year lastnight, after a
couple hours plotting queue lengths. However, I feel real good knowing
that I understand (at least partially) the physical math that drives
the world around us. That’s why I’m good at Math I think – it
flawlessly explains the world in digits and decimals. I love clean

Also, My Star Wars Shirt Came:

I mean sure, it guarantees that I will not have sexual
contact with a female for at least 4 years, but I deem it a worthy

I had RICE PUDDING at Market One Yesterday, and it was
incredibly delicious. It was one of those foods I forgot existed. I
also found that they carry all kinds of crazy cereal there. I gotta
eat there more often.


Random Notes:

– I love car rides

– I love wearing my jacket around campus in 78 Degree

– I love Selma Blair

– I love John Carmack

– Hey, lets get rid of that couch frame in the suite

Random Movie Quote and Image:

Oddball: Hi man.
Big Joe: What are you doing?!
Oddball: I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays,
you know …
Big Joe: What’s happening?!
Oddball: Well, the tank’s broke and they’re trying to fix it …
Big Joe: Well then, why the hell aren’t you up there helping them?!

Oddball: [chuckles] I only ride em, I don’t know what makes em work.


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