Beach me

Man, I’m such a sucker for a beautiful lady. I spent 5 bucks on
Cigarettes that I will never smoke because the Camel Lady told me to.
On the plus side, they came in a tin case which allows me to be ultra
gay and hide them away like a six year old and a case 0f juju bees.

Man, my right hand smells like Coffee and my left hand smells
like smoke. I mostly smell like crackers. Its getting harder for me to
distinguish the faint odor of Gummi Bears and Magic Marker that I
permeated myself with earlier.

Today I saw X-Men and nearly creamed my jeans. PJ, Jean and Logan
—— Almost. I always wondered how Mystique used her powers in her
“off the clock” time. Lucky Jew Bastard, logan.

The above are totally random thoughts.


Don’t tell me you bought a Tahoe for Softball. What kind of answer
is that? Who buys a gas guzzling vehicle for softball. “I need it for
the equipment space.” Equipment? A ball and a glove! That’s bull

On the plus side, I can roll my chair around the room now – I
cleaned up most of my shit so I wouldn’t have to do it later. The
downside is that when I took the solid stuff away, I found particle
matter underneath. Dirt, Dust, Dried Feces – whatever the hell this
stuff is. I’m tellin ya, the poor bastard that sanitizes our suite
year end will have to rent a pressure sprayer to remove the filth.

The Following is written on my hand as I type this: “Gummi Cigs”.


Villain Supply

I get a huge kick out of this website. It’s so…….Evil.

The Coasters, Oldies, the Beach. Oh, how I yearn for the Beach. I’m
going to enjoy it this year, I swear to sweet jesus. It’s hard to
believe I’ve been there…23 Times! Diznamn.

It used to be shrubs for 56 miles. Now it’s all condos. I’m 20 for
Gods sake! I shouldn’t have to reminisce about how different things
were when I was a kid. I used to chase lizards in those places, I used
to slice my foot open on barnacles chasing blue pinchers. Man, at the
time – serious injury. Looking back on it – Best times of my life. I
don’t remember why I did it. or how…but I do remember the bloody
footprints and my mom worrying about infection. I also remember riding
shopping carts because I couldn’t walk that well.


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