Today, my friends, Is a Great Day.

I woke up at 10:30 –

Sold back two (of four) books for $85 – which is decent considering
that’s almost half.

Stole a pound of candy from the bookstore “complimentary” candy

Used some of the book money to purchase some new Mesh Shorts. I
can’t express how happy I am that JMU now provides non-gay (not yellow
or purple) clothing selections.

Bought Banana Pudding.

Had the best lunch in weeks with much hilarity.

Worked so hard at UREC that I feel sore all over. Man, I love that

…..and I still have half the day left.


Have I mentioned that my schooling years are almost over? Only Two
are left. Now, let me count

Preschool (Annandale United Methodist, 2 Years)

Kindergarten (Parklawn, 1 Year)

Elementary (Parklawn, 5 Years)

Elementary (Mantua, 1 Year)

Middle (Frost, 2 Years)

Highschool (Woodson, 4 Years)

JMU (2 Years)

…….17 Years! Holy Shnikes. I’ve been in school for a long time.

I’m gonna be sad to see it go, but on the plus side – I’ll never
have to smell that crappy macaroni again.


I had the best dream ever last night. It involved me finding out
there were 85 people living in my attic one day, then evicting them
onto the street like bums. The best part was that I totally looted
their former abode once they were gone – and found a crap load of food
and a Desert Eagle with a Shoulder Holster.  When they tried to
come back I threatened to blow them away so they left. I would be the
best landlord ever. I definetely remember finding a big piece of cake.


In Other News:

– Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal = Summer Rations

– Blue Shorts

– Hurry up and finish exams, biatches

– Home Friday, Work Monday. I hate that part of Summer, but I like
the money.

– Sentimental Value, Bitch! 

You know you can’t just run and shoot people in
the knee-caps with double barreled shotgun ’cause you’re pissed at

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