Home Sweet Home

I am writing this on a much more ghetto pc than I am used to, so bear with the relative lack of pictures and coolness.

Heres the story – I am on a 56k. Now, that is an absolute killer to any kind of internet related activity except for text e-mail download and microsoft hearts, however, I will attempt to keep this site pseudo current over the summer which means you can check back occasionally for my random jibberish.

I may or may not “go places” and “do things” worthy of writing about, but hey, that never stopped the articles before. Sometime this week I will update with an article. A VERY FUNNY ARTICLE BECAUSE NOW I HAVE ALL THIS TIME ALONE IN A HOUSE OR AT WORK TO THINK ABOUT FUNNY THINGS.

Funny Thoughts

1) Church Sucks. My parents drag me to Church even though I CLEARLY BELIEVE IN NO GOD. Today’s hilarity was this…
(Some guy (church leader) is giving some graduating senior acolyte (jesus suck up) a silver cross)

Leader Guy: “We present you with this silver cross for your hard work.”
Me: “You should melt that down into a bullet and just end my life now.” (Id been sitting in church for 1:30 Hours)
Brother: “WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA” (Outloud)
Dad: “ROSS!”

2) I mow the lawn at a jog. Cool.

3) I climb onto our roof to help my brother clean a window – then try to climb down.

Dad: “Paul, don’t go on the roof in the rain.”
Me: “Alright.”

I bet you’ve never been on your roof during a thunderstorm climbing an aluminum ladder.

Alright, i gots to think some more.

I’ll update with pics and stuff next time.

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