Jungle Book

Been home for quite awhile now. Don’t start work till Monday. Best
days ever.

This is a Wednesday update, and I don’t forsee another until Sunday
Night (Best Case). I’m heading to upstate New York for a few days –
The G-Rents have a place on a lake and I figure I need to spend some
time with them. I’m probably going to have to put in the dock while
I’m there, so who needs UREC? Those dock sections weigh about 200 a

On the less labor oriented side – ITS A LAKE! I’m fishing and
Swimming and Sitting on the Porch like a pro lazy person. I estimate
that I can do that for at least 8 hours a day if I put my mind to it.



– Ross to JMU

– Joanna (Sister) is the worst
driver ever.

Me: “Why is this plastic rail falling off the camry?
Did you hit a curb?”

Joanna: “It came outta nowhere.”


– There is so much food in my house! I swear to God, I
could live off what us in the downstairs freezer for the Summer if I
had to. The sad thing is that I refuse to consume any of it since it
would interfere to with my “fruits, crackers, and salad – plus candy”
diet. My mom bought me cookies shaped like Fish which I am saving for
a rainy day. The cookies have been mitigated to the “Hoarding” bag I
keep in my room which is now approaching 20 pounds. It’s chock full of
candy, cereal, chips, and snacks that I can’t really see myself
eating, but wouldn’t dare throw out or give away.

– T-800
Endoskeleton. Fedex Man – What a Job!


In the morning I wake up and brew at least 3 cups of
coffee. One for now, one for later, and one for drinkin’ cold and
black – like oil. I’m trying to force acclimate to 6:30 AM wakeups –
you know, since JMU has eternally ruined my biological clock.


OK, random nostalgic story. After I repaired my once defunct bicycle
to a fairly workable state I decided to take it for a test drive. The
Jumps. What are the jumps you ask? Basically, they are a series of mud
hills deep within one of the last remaining woods in my area that used
to be home to some of the coolest bike related injuries ever. I
remember throwing myself over the handlebars and gladly smiling my
bloody grin through the pain. Ahh, childhood. In any case, I decided
to go back there.

It was just like a Jungle Movie – Vines had
overgrown the path, trees had collapsed across the narrow route
through the woods, and the only tracks I saw were from Dog and/or
Dog-Like creatures. Now that I think about it, I should wash my legs
because there was poison ivy all over the place. Out, Out –
Damn………..Dermal Irritant!

Once I made my way through the pseudo-jungle I was surprised to
find my destination relatively intact, although it had fallen into
disrepair. The ramps and jumps were more like dirt piles and mud
puddles, but they were more or less there. I rode down a few to see If
I could recapture any sort of feeling. A little.

The worst part was
that some developer had purchased much of the nearby land, and had
cleared it of all trees, shrubs, and features. I took my bike that
direction and proceeded to inspect the construction zone. As usual,
the workers had left their machines there so I proceeded to climb into
each one hoping their would be keys. Alas, some smart bastard had
removed the keys in order to stop curious vagrants like me from
plowing into the woods in a 7 ton vehicle. I did steal a cool looking
helmet though. Booyah.

I had to ride home the long way – because I
had come up a big muddy hill on the way and feared for the safety of
my skull if I had to ride down it. Kinda symbolic right? I moved on
instead of going back. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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