Today Bev offered to buy me lunch based on my gaunt appearance and
seeming inability to consume enough food to support bodily function.
Man, I’m milking this all the way.� Free Meals? Mikes? Damn, the
catch-22 scenario.

Ok, Fast Forward to two weeks into summer, since that is the first
point where I have had enough time to write down anything I’ve been
meaning to.

The lake was fine – Dock is almost in, G-Rents are not
dead, Food was good, Golf Game is 100% better, but still quite


My job has begun. The pay is good, but more importantly it provides
me access to forklifts and empty rooms filled with boxes. Between
shelf-ball (in which I am the grand slam champion), Texas Hold-Em, and
hour and a half lunches, and work with little to no adult supervision
I have almost no time left in my day. It seems like work just fills my
entire life at this point. It always funny to think that school is the
easiest part of my life while work is the long, dreary summer months.
Now you all know why I don’t particularly enjoy coming home when all I
have to look forward to is waking up at 6:15 every day.

The upside is the money.

Bling Bling $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I don’t really need and/or want anything but it’s nice to have the


The weather in NOVA SUCKS. It’s been cloudy and rainy everyday. If
it weren’t for the fact that I work in an establishment with no
windows I would complain more.

Ok, everyone should go and rent Equilibrium. I wish I could
flat line it like that. Hey, I can, but with less killing efficiency.


Don’t wet the bed on this couch situation Peej. No one wants to
lounge on a hard, shitty, floor.

I think we should keep to the darker colors – less stain

I can’t believe I just put an entire album on my mp3 player,
especially a live one.

In Other News:

– So Cold here. Even Harrisonburg was warmer

– Adam is so weird

– Brad s going to kill Adam

– Anyone selling Airsoft?

– Nate almost died in a box avalanche

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