Blood Smile

I was going to post a picture here of me stabbing someone with a broken glass bottle, but the logistics of it became too complicated. Glass is sharp and hard to clean up, plus, most people are somewhat resistant to the idea of being stabbed in the gut.

Which reminds me – Steve, Ron is making us take the couch out of the breezeay. Of course, I told him we knew nothing about it which means we dont actually have to get off our asses and do anything. However, you might want to say goodbye to it like Ol’ Orange.


Lessons Leanred this Week:

– Never go shopping at ABC with Credit Cards

– Dont play with broken glass

– Dont use your fingers as a fire extinguisher

– Never mix Jello, Lucky Charms, and Jager (Christmas Water)


I hate it when Old People Get Braces

However, the comedy it generates is appreciated


The Best Image Ever:

Narrator: “He was full of pep. Must’ve had his grande-latte enema.”


I blame Harv for my Baldness

I blame Jerry for my Poorness

I blame myself for everything else though, at least I’m fair.

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