Tonight, I walked. Then walked some more. In fact, I’d say I walked for about 2 hours. Past 81, along Port Republic, and down South, Around the Farm, Through the  Tunnel, to Mcdonalds (to buy food, but not to eat it), past a Broken Bottle, by a pickup truck driving though someones front yard, then up the stairs, and to this PC.

Here is a random picture from  tonight (Image makes me look Gay, disregard)

Oh shit – the train is coming – im going to go watch – BRB

Alright, that was dumb. I just got made fun of for being alone walking on the sidewalk. Its alright though, I always feel better when I do stuff like that.

PJ: Good Times, I’m gonna miss these little moments later on. You’re like a brother (even though you like Neil Young)

Joe: You are more sociable with alcohol, but still addicted to Madden like a heroin addict.

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