Crawl in the Mud Day

Scariest Man in the World:

Best Nightime Picture:

I just felt I should share those.


Regardless, I had been studying, yes, I “studied,” for once In my life. Mostly due to the fact that My economics Major is hard as Hell – which for me, means a lot because I say everything is a cake walk. This is not a cake walk. I would call this a……Feces Walk.

Anyway, thats why I havent updated this week.

And sorry for that shitty, shitty table. I swear I’ll do better later. I’m using a new HTML editor.


What Have I been Up To:

– Class

– Then some Class

– A Little Crawling through the Mud

– A little Spending Spree

– Burning Olive Oil – Causing Awesomely Thick Black Smoke to envelop me like a velvet robe

– Riding in the Rain to deactivate a Viper Security System

All in All, a pretty decent week.


I really wanted to realte some comical tale, or situation, but Im drawing a blank right now……hmmm…

Since I can’t think of Jack – I’ll let mr Nicholson do the talking..

Vicki Vale: “What do you want?”

Joker: “My face on the One-Dollar Bill.”


Lastnight We sat around and made fun of the kids on Jeopardy – Yes, they were quite nerdy, and easily beaten with our superior intellects (but then again, we are 10 years older).

The highlight was when the losers almost cried after the show was over. I also thought it was ironic that the Final Jeopardy category was “Sports Figures” or something.


In any case – I’m looking forward to receiving my “What about all the good things Hitler Did” T-Shirt in the mail, so I’m rather upbeat right now. In fact, i think I’lll go tot he mailbox right now.



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