Traffic Court

I’ve given up all the concern I had for my own life. The thought occured to
me when I was weaving in between cement trucks and across double yellow lines on
Port Republic and South Main. On a bicycle. It’s not so much that i want to kill
myself really, just that….I no longer fear death by sudden, crushing

Does anyone know how to keep soap from turning into that Jello substance if
it gets soaked in a pool of water? I’m tired of washing myself in Spring Fresh
Jelly in the Shower, but I’ll be damned if I switch to one of those homoerotic
loofa things. I might as well just wipe myself down with a mans boxers while I’m
at it.

Lastnight (5:00) I fell asleep listening to Pearl Jam for 4 hours, and when i
woke up I could not stop  humming Better Man. Today, I will fall asleep
listening to the exact opposite of Pearl Jam to cancel out the tune stuck in my
head. Elton John.

Also, “Mahogany” is a Movie Where Billy Dee Williams is a Male Model. After
Watching It, I remebered this comical Billy Dee Williams Quote:

“There’s always been a lot of
misunderstanding about Lando’s character. I used to pick up my daughter from
elementary school and get into arguments with little children who would accuse
me of betraying Han Solo.”

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