Game Theory

Today, I feel a little bit like John Nash (Yes, he was the guy in A Beautiful Mind) because I am tired, have a stubbly beard going from long hours with Financial Data, and know entirely too much about Economics.

My Schedule for Next Semester Pretty Much Illustrates My Thinking:

Econ 331 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Why People Do Things, Things Involving Stuff)

Econ 385 Econometrics (Use a Ruler, with Economics)

Econ 300 Special Topics in Economics: Game Theory (This made John Nash Go Insane)

Econ 301 Economies in Transition (AKA, The Soviet Union, and Why It Failed)

Oh Yeah, and Astronomy – Apparently, I have to take a Science. Possibly Two.


This should be a busy week, since Business Plans are due on Monday. Yes, Business Plans – the whole Point of COB 300 Right? Well, theyre tough stuff – in fact, I’ve given them a Nickname.

Business “Yes, the Professors insist you use real financial data – but since you neither work as a Consultant, have any experience in any industry, or are interested in doing marketing samples to figure out what the numbers are you end up pulling random figures from Shredded Chinese Newspapers and pasting them into excel spreadsheets like trained monkeys” Plans.


If the Backyard Store were to ever open, in any semblance of its proposed form, in this world or the next, I would burn it down.

If it was constructed in a world without fire, I would probably use laser wapons (which I would assume any decent alternate dimension would have)


In Other News:

– KJ Benched? KJ Released? Uh – Oh, Spaghettios.

– Watch Band of Brothers

– BCS is good, well, in my opinion.

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