Signature Laugh

I’m the only person in the world (no proof of this) who laughs and laughs at something comicals, pauses for 2 seconds then says “Yes!” in a rather abrupt, raspy, and forced method to punctuate my satisfaction with the event that has just occured.

As the kid in the commerical for that crappy basketball game would say…,”Beat that, Hotshot!”


Regardless, I just spent 30 Bucks on Belgian Chcocolate, so it better be GOD-DAMN-GOOD!


Beligian Chocalatier: “Some foolish American just spent $30 Dollars on something it cost us roughly 3.4 hergmarcks (2.4 US Cents) to make!”

2nd Belgian Chocalatier: “hahHAHAHA….hahha..haha…Yes!”



Thats for You Riechers, if you happen to read this.

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