Weeklong Summary

This Week, In the News*:

* – News is more like my shortsighted ranting.

Two Good Nights

– One, Cake, and Bizarre Finger Biting

– Two – Karaokeing (sp?) ACDC

Both resulted in a kind of bizarre lethargy the next day, but Health Concerns mean nothing to a 21 Year Old. Stupid Adolescent Indifference to Life. Well, your own anyway.

Oh god, why did they choose ACDC anyway? I told them Boy Named Sue was a better choice, they agreed, but it was not available. Who keeps 20 entries for Britney Spears and 2 for Johnny Cash in any book? Well, maybe the Britney Spears Autobiography*.

* Yeah, like Britney can manipulate a writing instrument to record simple thoughts and ideas. Shed have to dictate**.

** Can you imagine the poor bastard who would have to take dictation from Britney Spears? I shudder upon thinking what his/her life would be like. 


I don’t think my window is sealed around the edges, my hands are frozen into typing claws. I need some writing gloves.


Alright, you know it, you love it (or despise it with surprising emotional intensity), its the random movie picture and quote of the update:


“I just lost fifty million quid!….in one day.”


Man, they used Ewan MacGregors worst close up shot from the movie on the cover. Ouch.

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