Incredibly Random Thoughts

Sometimes I have to stand back and Laugh at how incredibly stupid some of my dreams are, in this case: 2 themed dreams probably resulting from consuming 2 vending machine hostess cupcakes right before bed.

Dream 1 – Black Adders and Sleeping Outside

The greatest thing about dreams is that you can be presented with a totally illogical and unprecedented setting in which for the dream to occur – and you still accept it with total non-chalance.

Setting: I am sleeping on a dock, at 3 in the afternoon, with huge blanket, and water is hitting me in the side of the head.

Actions: A poisonous snake crawls into my blankets, but does not proceed to bite me. A “snake doctor” witnesses the event and wakes me up.

Me: “What?”

Snake Man: “A snake crawled into your blankets. A very poisonous one.”

Me: “I’m sure it will be on its way soon, until then, I will continue sleeping.”

Snake Man: “Indeed.”

Snake: (Slithers peacefully away)

Me: “Meh.”

What is the significance of that? Am I not afraid of snakes? Am I not suppose to sleep in local waterways?


Dream 2 – The Black Nazi and His Hatred of Art Dealers

Setting: A german castle, circa 1936, in which a large and powerful black man (in this case, played by Ving Rhames) is situated across from me at a large, gothic style, wooden table.

Me: “Yes, your collection is quite impressive.”

Ving: “Only the best, for Mrs. Rhames Baby Boy.”

Me: “Haha Vat 69, only the best for Mrs. Nixons Baby Boy!?”

Ving: “Is that an inside joke?”

Me: “Uh, yes. Nevermind.”


Me: “So, where did you get all this stuff? I’d love to own a piece.”

Ving: “Mostly German Art Dealers, filthy Nazis all of them.”

Me: “I see, well Nazi art is the best, I mean, maybe not the art, but the idea of having something created by a nazi is very ironic. I mean, history will always remember them as destroyers, genocidal maniacs, and here you have beautiful works created as labors of love.”

Ving: “Yes, I thought so too. I buy their art, and then kill them.”

Me: “Intriguing.”


This picture is unrelated to all of the previous written thoughts of this update, but I could find none of the below:

1) Original Hitler Art Work

2) Ving Rhames in a Nazi Uniform

3) A satisfactory Picture of a Snake Crawling into Someones Sheets

So, I have substituted a somewhat convincing image of Clint Eastwood in a Nazi Uniform contorting his face into an interesting grin/scowl/pucker/tough guy look.


And a Quote

Thorny: Where are your shoes?
Foster: What are you, the shoe police?
Thorny: I am, and you owe me 20 laps around the bar.
: Black magic only works on the rookie.
Thorny: That’s brown magic.

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