There’s something wrong about reading an essay that was translated from German, to Russian, to English over the course of 130 Years or So.  When Karl Marx started to read like a crappy port of a japanese video game – the jig was up.


Sadly, in order to make the Bush State of the Union bearable I was forced to use chemicals to calm my jangled nerves. I was going to try cough syrup and Mr. Clean, but i ended up sticking to a more proven method…..

Regardless, it resulted in one of the PJ/Paul “why raising taxes will solve all our problems” discussions that I’ve had before – perhaps it was wrong to drop that and head to photoshops of Lotr and automobiles.


Notes to Self:

– Pavlova, Ballerina and Dessert

– Nighy, write the letter

– KotOR, whe it drops below 40

– Buy a Hat that covers my ears


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