Picture Lady

Thus begins the Great Picture Weirdness of Our Time:

…(Conversation prior to this point was uneventful)…

Me: “Yeah, Alright”

Picture-Taking Lady: “Now sit still and I’ll count one, two, three – but remain still for a few more seconds, or the camera gets a little fuzzy.”

Me: “Sure.”

Picture-Taking Lady: “Smile.”

Me: (I grudgingly half-smirk, but its half assed – since I hate pictures of me smiling)

Picture-Taking Lady: “You look like youre stoned.”

……….(Several Awkward Seconds Elapse)…..

Me: “Ring-A Ding Ding?”

Picture-TakingLady: “Yeah, it’s a friday afternoon, It’s college after all.”

Me: “I can’t believe that you actually said that. I mean, I’m a serious student – I usually study on friday nights.”

Picture-Taking Lady: “Yeah.”

Me: “Wicked Awesome!”

Jerry: “I’m scared of the picture lady, now. ‘

Me: “So am I, Jerry, so am I…………RUN!”


Oh yeah, I look kinda like kevin Rose.

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