Several Notes

Living Off Campus has limited several of the activities I used to undertake regulalrly while living on campus. Foremost among those is the activity, I kid you not, of walking.

This is not to say that I’m one of those kids who drives a hummer
around because my wealthy parents treat me like an action figure, who
needs all the accesories to be cool, but because I instead ride a bike
– in the hopes of making the miles go by faster. In this case, they do.
it’s simple, efficient individual tranpsortation.

However, going 20 Mph past speeding traffic limits the mental
activities I can undertake during the activity, for example: Walking v.

Instead of…..

Admiring Nature Avoid Speeding SUV’s
Talking to People I Pass Give Them A Silent, Passing Nod
Stopping For Coffee Stop to Avoid Colliding With
Coffee Machines
Listening to Music Listen to Traffic Cops
Taking My Time Rush to get Out of the Cold

Today, in a quest for Chocolate Banana Cappucino, I walked from The
Court House, to Olde Mill, to ISAT, and to Godwin – the most wonderful
thing I noticed?

The flecks of gravel in pure white snow that made it look like
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. I swear, If I was Wordsworth, that would have
been a smahing 17th Centruy Literary Masterpiece, but alas, I possess
neither his ultra-extensive vocabulary, or proclivity for finding the
beauty in simple words and phrases.

Well, that and he was a wonderful poet.

Today’s Surreal/Awkward Moment:

Route 10, 4:00 PM – The Bus Radio Plays R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix).

My Brain, 4:01 PM – Will to Live Finally Crushed.



Prof. Alexander: “……..Yes, It’s much like the change in the
direction of the breeze by the seashore in the evening, versus the

(Awkward Silence)

(15 Seconds)

Kid From Cyprus: “What is a breeze?”


In Other News:

– It is worth the walk to ISAT for Banana Chocolate Cappucino. I urge
all of you with available personal transportation to TAKE ME WITH YOU
whenever you go past this building. I will throw in a free Cappucino,
or maybe even a Hersheys Smores Bar.

Banana Themed Song of CorkontheFork

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