I don’t especially want to come off as another one of the Teeming Masses of
Tourists that venture to other countries with stupid stories about drinking or
partying or what unique cultural sight that they stood in line for an hour to
marvel at, so I’m going to recount the episodes that actually go beyond those. I
like to call them “Differences” or “Nuances.”

1) There are no major drinking problems in countries where alcohol is
treated like any other enjoyable beverage. If beer was sold like kool-aid, you’d
drink it like kool-aid. An enjoyable glass here or there, but no dramatic

2) Food portions in the US are extremely large. That was all well and good
when the average person did 5 hours of manual labor a day, but it may not be the
best idea for those of us who spend long hours behind desks typing. Ex: 1 Cup of
Ice Cream = 3 Dollars.

3) People are not afraid to exist in close proximity outside of this country.
Buildings are smaller, seats are closer, aisles are narrower. Yeah, it’s
probably partially responsible for the plague, but what you lose in hygiene you
make up for in daily social interaction amongst a species.

4) Newcastle is a city North of London.

5) I would characterize the US as a Christian Nation. Not an entirely good

Dirty Northern Bastard Resided Within

My most comical incident involved the rather insane system of
suggesting a price as not one number, but two numbers combined.


Clerk: “That bottle of Gin is 10 Pounds 2.”

Me: “So…..12 Pounds?”

Clerk: “Yes.”

Me: (In my Head) “No wonder they lost the Empire.”


And Now. My nomination for Best British Actor.

And without knowing it, I’ve spent most of my adult life with
a chubby employee.

Oh Yeah, Check Out this sweet Quicktime Panorama.


If you don’t care for Quicktime, check the JPEG.

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