SO cold

In recent news:

I am cold, so very cold.

I took a 4 mile walk, unexpectedly, in a jacket. Foolish.

I knew I was near hypothermia when I thought about breaking into houses to
get warm. I even considered buying coffee from 7-11.

7-11. Yeah. I’m from NOVA for gods sake, anything less than Starbucks is just
swill. I might as well have suggested, “Hey, drink my own Urine. It’ll be Toasty Warm.”


I’m going to revert back to childhood instinct.

1) Pile Blankets and Pillows

2) Throw self into Blankets and Pillows

3) Imagine I am King of Pillow and blanket Land.

4) Raise core body temperature to at least


Did you know China is Responsible
for the Collapse of Communist Socialism?

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