The key to a good conversation is to keep both parties interested in the
topic or “”engaged.” A good conversation can be one-sided, when an intriguing
tale is related to the other party, or it can be two-sded, where each party
exchanges ideas and thoughts.

A bad conversation has none of the below:

– Interest

– Response

– Rational Thought

– One of the parties not wanting to stab the other in the eye with the
closest sharp object

– One of the parties not imagining exactly how difficult it would be
to hide a body, or properly dispose of it to avoid police intervention

I can’t believing this person is still talking.


I’m not going to name names, but recently I have been involved in many “bad”
conversations. All with one person. All with one person I now avoid at nearly
all costs just to keep my sanity.

Indirect Results of Mind-Numbing Roommate’s * Constant Jibba-Jabba:

* – “Roommate” may or may not mean Roommate

– Increased Drinking

– Feigning Sleep

– Oven Repair

– Plumbing Concerns

– Fear of Puerto Rico


Ways to Tell if You are of Interest to a Second indivUal correlated with
Konversational responseS (ISUCKS)

— The “K” in “Konversation” stands for Kill Me Please —

Good Responses:
Bad Responses:

1) Your Idea Intrigues Me
1) Meh

2) I Agree
2) Heh

3) I was also thinking that
3) ….

4) Please, tell me more.
4) I have to go……Sort my Sock Drawer


In A more Pleasant Tone:

– I’ve Placed a new Image Gallery Up, feel free to



Movie/Book/TV/Life Quote – Irish Themed

Paul Smecker: “There was a FIRE FIGHT.”

Sgt. Elias: “Barnes believes in what he’s doing.”
Chris Taylor: “And you?”
Sgt. Elias: “Back in ’65? Yeah. Now, no. What happened today is just the
beginning. We’re gonna lose this war.”


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