27I Final

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I split time between work, professional smoothie jobs, and waxing the ol’

If it weren’t for 2 and 3, the reasons to stay awake past 3 PM would be
extremely difficult to detail.

Yanyway….I right this from the PC of Steven Grubb, only survivor of 27I
still clinging to his educational entanglements in Harrisonburg. Walking through
the apartment with none loving here (Steve’s on Holiday Somewhere) kind of
reminds me of the last few minutes you spend when leaving your hotel room,
everything seems packed and your a little sad to leave, but damn! I/We/You sure
did conjure up a shitstorm here a few times.

All that’s left in the fridge is a bag of pre-cooked chicken and assorted
sauces, and how I’m supposed to make a meal out of that is a concept that to
this minute eludes me. Oh well, Someone has to drink the leftovers tonight.


The semi new sentra has provided me with an endless stream of vacation
opportunities that I plan to partake in at some point over the summer, but the
main plus is that I can FIT 845 Pounds of candy in the trunk. If necessary.

I came up to move my remaining possessions (Christmas Lights and Beatles Post
Cards) into storage, but am enjoying the utter, absolute, solitude that the
apartment is providing right now. Features Follow:

– Sleeping Bag on Bed = Nostalgia

– Video Games till 2 AM

– I can use nail clippers in the living room

– Sitting and Staring at where roommates used to live is like looking at your
old bedroom 25 years later

– Showering with the door open

– The AC is making me cold

– I like it cold


I, in theory, should end this with a strictly 27I quotation to signify the
probable last entry written from the first apartment, but since that would be
too difficult t recall……

Billy: I don’t believe he did; I can’t find a single track.
Dutch: What about the rest of Hoppers men?
Billy: There’s no sign, sir. They never left here. Hell, it’s like they just


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I kid you not, it is 6:45 and I’m off to work. There Will be an update accordingly. In the near future. I swear.

Oh yeah, just keep reminding yourself you get paid for this.


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Today’s highlight was being recruited to move furniture by the puerto rican
and her extended family, for which i was promised – but did not receive – one
diet coke beverage. I feel like Mel Gibson in “Payback” except instead of 7
Grand, I’m after 12 ounces.

On the plus side, this is a good sign because it expedites any departure from
said roommate. Unfortunately, I too am departing within the next two weeks. Game
Over, Loser. Game Over.


Today was the first time I had warm sake at a restaurant – and to my great
embarassment, I was not man enough to enjoy it straight. I like mine 3/4 Sake,
1/4 Soy Sauce. Mmmm, Salt.

Several rounds of “death is not an option” led my companions and I to the
truth – Patrick Stewart is a dreamboat, and his six pack abs make him a god
among men. Oh, I’m not kidding. Picard is ripped. Think about it, if death were
not an option – Would you choose Stewart or Shatner?

Mini Game:

Think of a Cobbler.

Think of a Second Cobbler.

Think of a Third Cobbler.

Is it Cherry? It damn well better be.


“I told you to stay in the Car!”


Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Reports of my assimilation have been greatly