Freshmen -> Senior

Freshmen -> Senior

Fresh-Faced Youth

Shell of My Former Shell

<"Edit"> JMU, prior to 2003?, had the most homoerotic-furry related Collegiate Identification Card currently known to mankind. Even Delta Labs confirms the statictical relationship to circle 8 of Hell (The circle generally believed to be the final resting place of furries.) <>

Anyway. I was pretty much forced to renew my JAC Card picture when I was
refused access to (on several occasions) JMU resources and facilities.



JMU Photo Lady: “Stand on the X.”

Me: “Oh, yeah.”

Jmu Photo Lady: “You’ve lost a lot of weight. Must be the lack of Good
Home-Cooking. You look more mature.”

Me: “Yeah.”

JMU Photo Lady: “I mean, yeah, just a lot more mature.”

Me: (Proudly) “Its the moustache.”

JMU Photo Lady: “Yeah, its kind of like that Johhny Depp.”

Me: (Silently wetting my trousers) “Yeah.”

JMU Photo Lady: “Anyway, I’m just joking with you.”

Me: “Fuck.”

JMU Photo Lady: “What?”

Me: “Fuck.”

JMU Photo Lady: “Your card will be ready in a few minutes.”

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