I can’t believe the country we live in. It was founded by Puritans! Peaceful,
Pacifistic, Religous (mostly inwardly) who came here because they didn’t like
what views others were forcing upon them.

Does anyone find it Ironic that the rest of the world is somewhat perturbed
by our insistence on going into other countries and instilling our idea of
democracy and life onto other nations?


Sweet Jesus, tis a sad day.

Anyway, this does open the door for lucrative opportunities in both the
pharmaceutical and weapons-systems businesses. At least Bush will create some

I actually find myself arguing politics with people on my side, just because I am so bitter about this country. I realized today I wouldn’t see a democrat (or Greenie, or Reformer) in the
white house until I was 26. 26! Sweet God, George Bush will have ruined my 20’s – especially with that stint I will end up doin in Iraq.


I decided on Norway, with Finland, Sweden, and Denmark as Backups.

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