Xmas Lights

So I’ve been looking at the problems, and you know what? They are pretty god
damn crazy hard. I mean, the guy who came up with these is either a certified
genius or an authentic wacko. I’m not even sure that we learned some of this in
the course of his lectures – but he seems to think we should be able to figure
it out and illustrate the answers graphically, mathematically, and analytically
in a 2 hour period. That’s why I like this guy. Cocky enough to fail half the
class in order to challenge the other half enough to spur them to actually work
for a C. Isn’t that what college should be like?


I mean, I’m deriving profit maximizing scenarios, I’m analyzing industry
concentration with respect to principal-agent problems, and I’m still slightly
bored, watching the clock, and devising an exit strategy within the next
12-14 minutes. God do I love chewing gum and the fifteen minutes before I
can finally turn on the christmas lights.


Random Thoughts:

– Who mails out limited edition Boba Fett busts as welcome gifts?

– Smart Shopper has 2-liters of Creme Soda for 33 cents. Moses, cream and

– Apparently there is some guy in CKY or one of those shows where they ride
in shopping carts that resembles me.

– Only one week till regular workdays! Yeah for waking up at
6:30…………….oh wait. No.


Cool Tree

Christmas Lights are crazy awesome. Everyone loves Christmas
lights. If I was a Chinese Buddhist I would still love Xmas lights.


When I grow up, I’m gonna blow 100 bucks on
Xmas lights. It’s worth it.

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