Like so may times in the past, tonight began with an innocent imbibing of my
favorite drink – the Orange Cream Senator’s Spending Initiative Mixer (Coined by
myself). Less than 3 hours and 12 minutes later, Matt had a mohawk and I
was talking about going to Georgia in pursuit of various sugar-based delicacies.
Twas the best of times, twas the best of haircuts.

The last 48 hours has seen a rebirth in the roommate/Paul relationship – as I
have spent more than 8.9 minutes actively engaging the frisbee team in
conversation – good conversation at that. I had almost forgotten how
comfortable the broken, soiled, blue recliner actually was.

Top 5 Items of the Week:

– Harrison Ford rarely uses profanity

– Hashbrowns actually contain sour cream, when prepared correctly

– The “Hellfish Bonanza” or “Crazy Negro Barn Fire” will be held this
Saturday – sorry, no directions as Basic has deemed it an “invitation only”

– I actually did James Madison University a service this Tuesday, by
explaining the fact that Economics Major’s are, in general, male and creepy –
yet highly analytical and intelligent
– I swear by
this recipe. It embodies all that is good in this world. Caramel, Chocolate, and
Crackers. Also – Democracy, as well as canned whipped cream and Cadbury Easter

Marksman #2: What are you?
Dorian Gray: I’m complicated.

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