It has been exactly 1 day, 3 hours, and 37 minutes since I set foot upon ye
old home base (my parents house). I decided on an apartment 3 minutes ago, then
sighed with relief.

You see, the sad part isn’t that I couldn’t stand my parents (or that 3
people were sharing one bathroom at 7am), but that I had lost all contact with
the outside world. No newspaper (my Dad takes it with him), no decent
friends (everyone lives 45 miles +, that I’d care to talk to), and no internet
access (unless you count 56k – which by my reckoning is slower than checking out
a book at the library – without pictures).


On the plus side, the smell of Kentucky Gentleman makes me think about
Christmas Break at home. Go figure.


May 20



May 21, 2005 – Barbecue (Grilling Session) with the old Ross was triumphant.
The Avocado, Hot-Sauce, Worcestire burgers were delicious. There’s nothing quite
like brining the stereo and TV outside to listen to DC101 and watch a Nationals



Holy Crap, the SNL Sarcastic Clapping Episode – featuring Alec Baldwin.

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