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Paul is is desperate need of decent furniture

Paul is in desperate need of decent furniture – nothing special, just
something to sit/lay on. I’m not asking, just saying that “Hey, if you know any
furniture dealers……slide me a little sum’n sum’n.”

Here are a few pictures to illustrate my dire, dire, situation. Of course, by
“dire”, I mean inconsequential. PEOPLE IN AFRICA ARE STARVING AND DONT HAVE

The Honorable Marion Barry

My Digs

Bed is nice, Concrete is not good for the lumbar region.

See that Chair? That’s my recliner.

See that Ladder? End Table AND Ottoman.

Kitchen, no furniture needed.

This is where there should be a table, or concrete
block, or trunk, or Gimp. Whatever.

This screams sofa/pool table.


* and have lots of AIDS


In Enter-nazi-tainment, I just bought “Downfall.” Worth

Sweet JC “The Christ” Christ knows I don’t endorse or condone
Naziism, but god damn is this a great reprisal of what the last dozen days were
like for the top Generals, Hitler and Eva, his secretary, and everyone still
clinging to the Socialist ideal.

The best quote of the film?



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I should probably mention that I now enjoy the magnificent comfort of living
away from my immediate family – in a one bedroom apartment extremely proximate
to my place of work. The benefit of living .5 miles from my day job is
indescribable, much like the indescribable pleasure the Ham Burglar must enjoy
whilst downing 89cent burger after 89cent burger.

Anyway, I really only use one of the rooms since I have just enough furniture
to make that one livable – So, what the hell. I imagine I’ll inherit
furniture as time progresses. My only REAL want at this point is a TV
larger than 12 inches – so that I may enjoy the simple pleasures of “Fast Food
My Way” with Jacques Pepin and Ronin on DVD.