Quiet Zombie

Posted in Random on June 28th, 2006 by admin

I was using the bathroom at a Target, all on my lonesome. I heard the door
open and a man was talking to his daughter.

“I’ll be right outside waiting for you.” he said before leaving his little one
to do her thing. I heard her walking along the stalls, pushing each door open
until she came to mine, which did not open thanks to the barely there lock.
There was a bit of silence as I noticed her trying to look at me through the
door crack

I didn’t say anything as I tried to cover myself up with the bottom of my shirt,
staring at her like a violated deer in headlights. Then she tried to crawl under
the door! WHAT was this little seven/eight year old girl doing?

“Stop!” I said, having long finished with my wee, but too confused and startled
to move. “STOP!” She wouldn’t stop though, even when I shoved my foot at her
head (not hard; I didn’t want to hurt her, just stop her). She kept trying to
get under the door though, even with my shoe rubbing in her hair and on her
face. She was like some fucking quiet pervert zombie, her little hands clawing
at the floor and trying to push my feet away. This kept up for god knows how
long, until she finally gave up and scooted away.

I sat there with the bottom of my shirt still stretched over my knees, listening
to her scamper away to the door. She opened it and happily said to her father,
“I’m done, daddy!”