Beer at 4:30 AM

My new hours of employment are absolutely killing any hope of a relationship with normal, diernal, human beings that live fruitful lives and are employed doing most of the work on this planet each day. I have to buy toothpaste at 7-11 because, hey, its the only store open.

When I got home this AM, I sat down and watched Letterman without looking at a clock and had a beer with Dinner at 4:30 AM. I haven’t seen an actual ray of sunshine in about 6 days. Yet, I am somehow more tan than I was before….I think its radiation from all the Amber Traffic Signals constantly flashing or Mountain Dew Code Red actually leeching into my skin.

2 Responses to “Beer at 4:30 AM”

  1. evan Says:

    so what’s the new job? and sounds like you’re on the same schedule as me now…

  2. Paul Says:

    Think Frank Drebbin.

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