Name: Colonel Kurtz
Appeared in: Apocalypse Now
Special powers: The will to act

Weapon of Choice: Obscure philosophical storytelling
Met his end by: Machete                                                    

Name: Adolf Hitler
Appeared in: August 1934
Special Powers: Phenomenal public-speaking skills
Weapon of Choice: SS, Luftwaffe, Zyklon B
Met his end by: Suicide



Name: Major Konig
Appeared in: Enemy at the Gates
Special Powers: Ability to shoot a leaping Ron Perlman in the face.
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Karabiner 98 Kurz
Met his end by: Determined Soviet Jude Law with rifle.


Name: Roy Batty
Appeared in: Blade Runner
Special Powers: More human than human abilities. Also has funny name (in a crude kinda way).
Weapons of Choice: Charging the enemy in his underwear.
Met his end by: Teaching humanity to Harrison Ford.

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