Dressed in an immaculate uniform, Lee waited for Grant to arrive.

Grant, whose headache had ended when he received Lee’s note, arrived in a mud-spattered uniform—a government-issue flannel shirt with trousers tucked into muddy boots, no sidearms, and with only his tarnished shoulder straps showing his rank.

It was the first time the two men had seen each other face-to-face in almost two decades.


U.S. Grant offered generous terms to the Army of Northern Virginia.

Officers were allowed to keep their sidearms. Those who owned their horses, were allowed to keep them. No soldier would be held or prosecuted for treason.

Grant asked his counterpart what number he had remaining in his army and R.E. Lee replied that he couldn’t provide one, but that they were hungry. Grant dispatched 25,000 rations from a train heading West.

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