I saw 500 Days of Summer the other day and my # 1 Takeaway from the whole film was a renewed appreciation for Hall and Oates. I am a child of the 80’s and can’t escape my destiny.

When I was little, roughly 8 or 9, I USED TO WAKE-UP EARLY in order to listen to Billy Joel vinyl and Bruce Springsteen cassettes on my Dad’s Hitachi system. I was waking up so early that I actually had to turn the thermostat up 7-8 degrees because it was set at its default 60F until 6:15 or so – the time when everyone else got up. It’s embarassing to admit that ‘For the Longest Time’, ‘Uptown Girl’, and ‘Born in the USA’ had that Heroin-like grip upon me. I vaguely recall my first crush on a girl in 2nd grade and associating ‘She’s Got a Way’ with most of my memories of her. I can also remember being grossed-out in 4th grade when another girl tried to kiss me in, I swear to God, the coat cubby of Parklawn Elementary. I associate that event with the Bionic Six theme for unknown reasons.

Bionic Six

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Shes Got a Way

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