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The above disclaimer null and void if site is viewed on the small Pacific island of Maloi while being bitten by rabid tsetse flies in accordance with Article II Section 53a of the Maloi Freedom of Information act of 1872.

(1) 99.9873% of rats developed these symptoms less than three months after being injected with paper pulp containing written html code for corkonthefork.com
(2) pronounced Bob, with emphasis on the first syllable
(3) Paul’s “crew” consists of Yeger, Crockilla, Gus, two baked potatoes (spelled with an e) with no chives but lots of sour cream and bacon bits responsible for the site’s html, and four mystical fire beings from the third astral plain on the left when approaching the llama school from Manshank Virginia and are responsible for bringing the html from the server directly to you.
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(5) harming an animal means damaging or hurting psychologically, emotionally, socially, or physically in any way other than skinning and crucifying 5 frogs, a bear and a horse in an ancient Voodoo ritual to install Windows on Yeger’s machine.
(6) a hand of gratitude consists of a severed Iranian hand with the middle finger extended.
(7) licenses include but is not limited to fishing, hunting, business and driver’s licensees.
(8) The second amendment gives us the right to say whatever we want so before we waive this right we want and are entitled to just compensation.